I'm an elopement planner and photographer, outdoor enthusiast, rock climber, Marvel fan (please quote any line of Guardians of the Galaxy & we'll instantly become best friends,) wife, and dog mom of 4. 

Being a Florida native, I took my first steps on a sailboat and spent my early childhood surrounded by alligators, manatees, snakes, dolphins, and coral reefs which is where my deep love and admiration began for our oceans, our animals, and the outdoors came from. I grew up in Hong Kong and my parents made it a priority for my siblings and I to see as much of the world as we could. It's where my love for travel began and it's when I realized just how large and diverse this beautiful planet is. By the time I was 10, I had visited my dream research station and had decided that I wanted a career in Marine Biology with a focus on coral bleaching, although, I had known from the time I was 5 that I wanted to be a marine biologist. I had even visited and picked out the university and research station I wanted to work at.

Hey, I'm Gabbi!

After moving back to the states, I was diagnosed with an aggressive inner ear tumor in 2014 that took me 8 years to battle and left me with complications that permanently restricted me from scuba diving and being in the water as a whole. Since then, I've been in and out of the hospital for complications and various other health issues which is when I started to document my life through pictures to look back on when I was struggling with my health and couldn't partake in normal life. I also began to redefine what "adventure" meant for me due to a body that was constantly breaking.

I spiraled after that and lost hope that there was something else out there that filled me with the same intensity and passion as marine biology did. 

Since having my right hip reconstructed in 2021, I used the extensive recovery time to give this business thing a go after a dear friend encouraged me to pursue it full time. What I didn't know was that my "little business" would grow into so much more than what I thought both it and I were capable of. 

I found a career that fills me with overwhelming joy and passion.

I wake up every morning so incredibly stoked to help couples create their dream wedding in a way and place that deeply and truly represents them.

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After doing the big traditional wedding myself back in 2019, I have so many regrets. My wedding day didn't feel like it was about my husband and I, I felt like I planned the entire thing based off the perfect, trendy Pintrest board with my guests experience as the main focus and we were just the afterthought. We made decisions to appease family members and on the day of our wedding, we hardly spent any time together.

Honestly, I knew that elopements existed when I got married. We almost threw in the towel and eloped but there was so little information on what eloping actually was and how to do it that we decided to stick with our traditional wedding. I had all these misconceptions about what eloping really was.

Since then I've fallen in love with elopements and the bravery that each couple displays when they choose to have an elopement and they choose each other on the biggest day of their lives.

I'm here to equip you with the expertise and support to have the day you deserve in addition to an elopement that is perfectly and uniquely you.

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