I've been to many places but there's only a select few that truly feel like home and The Redwoods are one of those places..

California Redwoods

Why The Redwoods?

It's truly impossible to understand the grandeur of this place until you experience it yourself and getting married here is truly a one of a kind experience.

You're the foreign creature on this Prehistoric planet.

 Your soft and squishy brown trail is surrounded by a fluffy blanket of bright green Western Sword Ferns and various berry bushes. Towering hundreds of feet above you are Redwood trees so tall that you have to bend your neck all the way back just to see their tops. 

Splendid Blue Jays dart from tree to tree changing colors from black to electric blue when they hit the soft beams of sunlight that trickle through these giant, majestic trees.

Despite all the time I've spent out here, I continue to learn more about this incredible and unique ecosystem. 

The Redwoods trails are also one of the most accessible trail systems out there. Many of their trails are wheelchair accessible so that you don't have to sacrifice your experience or your adventure to have the elopement you deserve.  

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Q: Do I need a permit to elope in the California Redwoods?
A: Yes! Like many other National Parks, You need a permit to have a ceremony in the California Redwoods. This helps to continue funding our Parks Service who take care of the land.

Q: Is Redwoods National Park just one park?
A: Nope! What's thought of as Redwoods National Park is actually a conglomerate of one National Park and three State parks. However you have the option of choosing any of the other 45 parks that are home to Cost Redwoods! A few of the most popular Redwood locations are:
- Redwoods National Park
- Del Norte Coast Redwoods
- Jedediah Smith Redwoods 
- Prairie Creek Redwoods
- Humboldt Redwoods State Park
- Muir Woods National Monument
- Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park

Q: Where can I elope in Redwoods National Park?
A: Redwoods National Park has a list of pre-approved ceremony locations that you can choose from. 

Q: How much does it cost to elope in Redwoods National park?
A: Somewhere between $100.00 - $200.00 for the permit fee plus your photographer and officiant if you plan on hiring one!

Q: How far are the Redwoods from the airport?
A: The best way to do The Redwoods is to go for the week! Redwoods National Park is 6 hours from Sacramento International Airport (SMF.) 6 hours from San Francisco International Airport (SMF.) 4 hours from Rouge Valley International Airport (MFR.) And 6 hours Oakland international Airport (OAK.)

Q: Where do I stay? 
A: This answer varies based on which park you'll be getting married in. I have a list of lodging and vendor recommendations for all of my couples along with places to stay, things to do, and restaurants to check out in the area!

Redwoods Elopement FAQ's

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